Health Fair

Healthy Encores health fair
Healthy Encores, a non-profit organization in the US Virgin Islands (USVI) in conjunction with the Lifestyle Festival has created an annual health awareness program for residents living in the USVI. Each year, during the month of July, health professionals and volunteers provide health education, nutritional assessments and health screening services to the residents and visitors of the Virgin Islands. This annual event serves an under-serve community. It's a fulfillment of a need within the local community for preventive healthcare services and access to quality care. The success of the health fair event is made possible due to volunteers, partnerships with other organizations as well as corporate and individual sponsors. Exhibitors provide health information and giveaways to participants People come to the mall to observe and participate in the various opportunities to get healthy. They register and participate in the health screenings.
Service Offerings and Screenings
The Healthy Encores planning committee offer health education seminars to educate people on the importance of healthy living. These seminars provide an opportunity for health information to be disseminated to the community even if they were not involved in the health screening. The wellness demonstrations such as cooking and exercise illustrations are held in the center court of the mall. The health services and screenings allowed participants to move amongst the stations to receive health information or have a screening performed.
1) Registration - Health fair participant sign in, sign a HIPAA Summary of Privacy Practice Notice, and receive a “Passport to Good HealthTM. The“Passport" is the documentation tool designed by MIME, LLC specifically for the Healthy Encores health fair that includes each station and additional space for taking notes. Participant keep ‘Passport’as a documentation tool and keepsake from the event.
2) Bio-Assessment - Check weight, height, age, gender and race assessments for body mass index (BMI) calculation and Fitness Self-Assessment
3) Heart Health - Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings
4) Internal Health - Blood glucose screenings as well as optional HIV screenings
5) Specialty Stations – Chiropractor services and spinal screenings were performed by Dr. Tylur & Dr. Tygue Arvidson of V.I. Chiropractors & Dr. Tammi McKnight of Thrive Chiropractors
6) Medication Review - Overall summary by physicians and pharmacists of all findings and take home points for participants
7) Exit Interviews – Physicians from Schneider Regional center provide each participant with an overall summary and take home points
The general comments of the participants solidify the real need for this event and the continued support of the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands who really need it. Many attendees are repeat participants and provide positive evaluations for the continue service on the island. Healthy Encores and all of its partners and contributors understand the importance of this health event in the lives of the people of St. Thomas and the USVI. The Health fair continue to be successful as it exceeds expectation each year.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands