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Healthy Encores Caribbean (HEC) Inc. is a Maryland-based non-profit organization that provides on-going health information, awareness and advocacy initiatives that focus on reducing health disparities. The goal is to eradicate health care disparities and inequalities in the United States Virgin Islands by organizing community health fairs which offer early detection for chronic diseases, patient information, and access to medical resources for vulnerable patient populations. HEC was established to improve the health status and change the lives of the citizens of the U.S. Virgin Islands by ensuring the dissemination of quality health care information and resources.

HEC mission is to engage and empower all attendees, by educating them on the importance of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Encores health fair has served well over 3000 people since its inception in 2006. Health insurance fees and increased costs of health care continue to be a barrier for low-income families. Limitations in access to care extend beyond basic causes, such as a shortage of health care providers (prevalent in the Virgin Islands), or a lack of facilities.

HEC received support from many of the local health organizations and corporate partnerships. The Department of Health, Schneider Regional Medical Center, chiropractor services, VI lottery and Southland Gaming are local partners to support the vision of founder and CEO Lorraine “Lolo” Milliner, who developed the idea of Healthy Encores Lifestyle Festival (HELF), after seeing her dad suffering from the challenges and complications of diabetes. Her dad died of the disease in 2005.

In 2017  due to the devastation of hurricane Irma and Maria, we answered the call to continue our service in this same vein by servicing the needs of the St. Thomas residents as the community rebuilt and healed. Healthy Encores played a vital role in our continuous effort to help the U.S. Virgin Islands community. Healthy Encores Lifting the People (HELP) of the U.S. Virgin Islands needed YOUR HELP! Your financial support HELPed people process through this trauma.

The purpose of funding was for our annual Health Awareness weekend July 26-29, 2018 to address post hurricane concerns. Health attention is and will continue to be necessary after such a catastrophic event. Resources needed are to improve the lives of the entire U.S. Virgin Islands community. Healthy Encores continues to seek corporate support of $30,000 to cover cost of health screening supplies such as new glucose meters, diabetes test strips, lancets and cholesterol test strips, travel and accommodations for the traveling medical team. Additionally, funding will be used for educational seminars and program marketing materials.

All correspondence and information requests can be sent to Lorraine “Lolo” Milliner at
(443) 722-9548 or lolo@lifestylefestival.com.


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Healthy Encores Caribbean, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Healthy Encores Caribbean, Inc. is a public charity. Contributions to Healthy Encores Caribbean, Inc. are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Healthy Encores Caribbean, Inc’s tax identification number is 66-0687214. 

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